Chiropractic Testimonials

"Wonderful doctors. We have been going for three years and it takes us thirty minutes to get there but we love the chiropractors so we make the trip."

- Amelia D.

"I highly recommend Dr. Taylor Walter! I have been going to him for my chiropractic needs for a while now. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to treat all aches and pains."

- Stephanie D.

"Awesome place! Much more than just a routine back crack, Dr. Walter is careful and thoughtful with his adjustments. I don't ever feel rushed or dismissed with my pain issues. Dr. Walter always knows exactly how to fix my problem and does so with kindness. Highly recommend!"

- Evan W.

"Awesome assistance & helping in adjustment, feeling much better with pain."

- Geeta C.

"Dr.Walter made my first chiropractor experience both enjoyable and easy. Years of lower back/hip pain had left me immobile and stiff but with his quick diagnosis and treatment plan I am feeling better and more confident every day. His personal touch on client relationships makes it the whole experience that much better. I will definitely be back!!"

- Matt H.

"I have been seeing Dr. Walter for over a year now. When I first started going to him, I could hardly sit in the car and drive for more than 30 minutes due to intense lower back pain. It caused headaches and other issues in my everyday life and nothing was giving me relief. Now I have absolutely no pain, and only need to see him maybe every 2 weeks. He is very informative and extremely helpful in making sure I'm getting the right treatment fit for me. I can't imagine not going to him. The best in KC by far!!"

- Paige M.

"As a retired college soccer player, I have a lot of chronic knee and hip pain from old sports related injuries. Dr. Walter has made a huge difference in my ongoing pain management. Couldn't thank him enough!"

- Sarah O.

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